Sunday, 29 December 2013

29/12/13: CD-R in Whetstone (top and bottom view)

This was spotted in the small parking area just down the hill from Totteridge & Whetstone tube station. The writing on the disc had long ago passed into illegibility. The disc itself had begun leaving a trail, like a comet. Unlikely to play.

29/12/13: "29 Dj Charbel Mix", near Kenwood, North London

No idea who Dj Charbel might be. It's pleasing, however, to think that the mix on this Sony CD-R might be volume 29 in his or her hugely ambitious multi-disc deejaying project. Unlikely to play.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

28/12/13: "High School Musical", between Finchley and Whetstone

Found by the roadside on the walk from Finchley to Whetstone, where Swan Lane meets the High Road. I love the way this disc gleams in the December sunlight. Almost a “Pac-Man” shape. Unlikely to play.